Tasarımca Design Office

project details

location: Bostanlı, IZMIR/TURKEY

area: 125m²

project date: 2016

Under the Principle of functionality and design Tasarımca Design Office...

After changing their office in 2016, Tasarımca Design Office has completed a project of 125 square meter apartment consisting of 3 rooms and 1 living room in Bostanlı, İzmir. Tasarımca Design Office, which adopts design and functionality as a principle, has created pleasant and peaceful workspaces in its offices with modern office design by considering to the finest detail. Based on transparency and permeability when determining spaces, Tasarımca preferred glass dividers instead of full wall masses. While each venue creates its own identity, Accessories and paintings bought from Turkey and around the world provided the design integrity as an element spaces.


Contrary to the usual, the gray windows on the front facade, which are used on the ceiling of the collective work area, created a bright and spacious working environment within the space. the motto of the design team, ‘Imagination and Creativity Can Change the World’, took its place as one of the most beloved details in the working environment. The black painted glass used at the entrance of the office and the logo on it added depth to the space.


Tile carpets were preferred in the floor of the study areas and gross concrete was used in the entrance and kitchen floors. Tasarımca Design Office, which wants to include sunlight efficiently inside, has placed wooden blinds in the spaces. Burçin Dinler completed his design with a simple language by synthesizing the serenity of gray and the warmth of wood in his individual workspace where his designs were sown. In his library, which is located right behind his desk, he included books and objects acquired in his 25-years of professional life.


Diğdem Çağıral, whose office is located in the center of the office, provided both individuality and office integrity by using glass dividers with internal blinds. In the office, where all details were carefully thought out, those on the walls are the awards received from 25 years and the paintings received from different museums.


The most important principle of Burçin Dinler and his team, which integrates the peace he created in his office with his designs, is the rhythm of music.


Tasarımca Design Office, which aims to prevent spaces to get ahead of people, has also implemented their new offices with a design that supports this view.

I. Kordon Apartment

H House