Topaç Law Office

project details

location: Folkart Towers – IZMIR / TURKEY

area: 300m²

project date: 2015

Located on the B Tower of Folkart Towers, Topaç Law Office is designed as a single office of 300m2 that combines four different offices together. Functionality and aesthetics were brought together in the office with high personnel count. In the project, which is mostly implemented as an open office, transparent partitions are used to determine the boundaries of the place so that the visual relationship of the personnel and manager areas is not broken. Simplicity and functionality are provided to the place with furniture that has simple and straight lines. Black painted glass used in storage areas has added depth to the space. Tiled carpets are preferred in the areas where the circulation is intense, while marble floors are used in the executive room. In order to strengthen the circulation in the open office, visual integrity has been achieved with different applications on the ceiling. While modernism was effective in the general office area, a classical atmosphere was created in the executive room.

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