BHU-Point Bornova Mall

project details

location: Bornova – IZMIR / TURKEY

area: 165m²

project date: 2015

With its 165m2 of space in Izmir Point Bornova Mall, Bolulu Hasan Usta Süt Tatlıları Shop met its customers with their new concept designed by Tasarimca Design Office in November 2015. Tasarımca Design Office, with the new concept applied to collect different functional schemes under a single design approach, merges the retail culture of Bolulu  Hasan Usta with the understanding of boutique retailing. Bolulu Hasan Usta Dairy Desserts Store, which draws attention with its lighting concept and landscape difference as well as keeping the design concept and details in the place with its sense of curiosity, has a garden area of 73 Dimensions meters. In order to break the dominance of black color, which forms the basis of the classical breezes dominating the general area, the colors of the landscape plants surrounding the store both inside and in the garden area create a different atmosphere away from the closed perception of the shopping center.

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