Batum Loft Apartment

project details

location: Batumi / GEORGIA

area: 350m²

project date: 2016

Conceptualized by Tasarimca Design Office in Batumi, Georgia, the loft is located on the old Batumi library building. This building can be found on one of the busiest places of Batumi, europe square, where the Medea statue is located. The old library building has been restored and transformed into a living space, preserving its originality. While the building, built with classical Georgian architecture integrated into the city, provides unity with the originality of the city, the designed loft apartment has been designed with modern architecture in order to be separated from its original sections. In order to be able to use the existing space potential correctly, Tasarımca Design Office made the best use of the floor height, added the open plan scheme to the design decision, and created a qualified example by evaluating the level differences in the section. In order to preserve the industrial character of the natural space, exposed concrete floor was used throughout the space. In order to perceive the living space as a whole, the bedroom is placed on the mezzanine floor in the loft apartment where all areas except the bathroom and guest room are designed open. The masculine color scale, which dominates the general areas of use, has been used to support modernism. In order to refer to the transparency created in the space, all brick walls are covered with glass and a new identity has been given to the walls. In order to emphasize the modern texture of the space, each furniture has been selected in accordance with the architecture or it has been specially produced. For example, the Barcelona Chair used in the hall highlighted the quality atmosphere in the place with its “classic modern” appearance.

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